Media Kit

Media Kit: Black Health Matters

Black  Health  Matters  offers  advertisers different combinations of marketing tactics and creative treatments to be applied in different contexts, depending upon the brand engagement objectives and individual consumer characteristics.

    MEDIA  OPTIONS   Black Health Matters offers a variety of options for video and display advertising, including rich media, content  integration and custom editorial packages.

728  x  90  Leaderboard               728  x  90  Leaderboard
300  x  250  Medium  Rectangle       300  x  250  Medium  Rectangle
300  x  250  video  ads             300  x  250  video  ads
300  x  250  pre-­roll  video  ads           300  x  250  pre-­roll video ads

CUSTOM  MEDIA  SOLUTIONS   Black Health Matters offers advertisers a number of special buys and custom sponsorship packages that ensure exposure lend credibility to your message and help foster a closer consumer relationship with your brand.  

CONTENT INTEGRATION: Custom editorial destinations written to condition-specific or health-related theme with the opportunity to integrate Brand content and other assets

SEASONAL FOCUS: Special content, tool and resource areas for specific seasonal conditions 

HEALTH  EXPERTS: Connect relevant, timely information about conditions,treatments, or healthy lifestyle information, aligning brand messaging with expert advice and input  

Contact Roslyn Daniels, president at (201) ­337-­3593 or at rdaniels@blackhealthmatters.com