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What Not to Eat If You Have Hepatitis C

Avoid foods that aren’t liver friendly

No one diet will work for all the people in this country living with hepatitis C (that number currently hovers somewhere around 4 million), but some foods are not liver friendly. Pass up the following foods if you have hepatitis C:

Raw seafood can leave you open to food-borne illnesses and bacterial infections, which can make your hepatitis C worse. So you’ll want to forego oysters (sorry, aphrodisiac lovers!) and sushi.
You might think liver is a good thing for a disease that attacks your own liver. But liver is high in iron, and too much iron isn’t good, as it can cause an enlarged liver or liver failure.
Ease up on added salt, especially if you have advanced hepatitis C, because it can promote fluid retention. Most of us don’t get the bulk of our sodium from the salt shaker, but from processed foods, cereals and baked goods, so check food labels carefully.
Avoid alcohol at all costs. It’s the best way to slow hepatitis C progression and keep your liver healthy.

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