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5 Best Exercises for Weight Loss

As long as you’re busting a move regularly, you’re probably dropping pounds. But some exercises can help you realize your weight loss goal faster. And with crazy-crowded schedules and not enough time to sleep, who doesn’t want to save time at the gym?

We feel you, so here’s our gift to you: These are the best exercises for weight loss based on calories burned during a workout. The calorie burn is based on a 185-pound person (the more you weigh, the more calories you burn). Also note that with a slight modification to each workout, you can continue to crush calories even after you finish the activity and go about your day. This is known as the afterburn effect.

Burn now; thank us come spring!

1. Jumping rope. What little girl didn’t like skipping rope at recess? If grown-up you performs 120 skips per minute, you can burn 990 calories per hour. Pick up a weighted rope and you’ll engage your arms and shoulders, too.

2. Running. Torch 839 calories an hour by running a 10-minute mile. Get the after burn effect by adding short bursts of sprints into your run.

3. Kettle bell intervals. Maximize your time by switching between upper- and lower-body movements. Do a set of kettle bell swings, squats and push presses without stopping to rest between each move. After completing all three moves, rest for 20 seconds, and then start the circuit again. Burn off 822 calories an hour, and keep the after burn going for up to 36 hours.

4. Kickboxing. Kick and jab for 90 seconds; rest for 30 seconds. Repeat. Wipe out 864 calories an hour. Bonus: You don’t have to go to a kickboxing class. You can spar alone in your living room.

5. Stationary bike. Done at a vigorous pace, the stationery bike can blast 738 calories an hour. Vary your ride between hills and flat stretches. Start with 10-second sprints and 50 seconds of rest. Ramp up to 15 seconds of sprints with 45 seconds of rest, followed by 20 seconds of sprints and 40 seconds of rest. Don’t forget to turn up the resistance as your endurance improves!


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