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We link our moods to our memories

Recent research suggests our moods have a direct link to our memory. We think happy thoughts when we are happy and sad thoughts when we are sad. And we recall certain memories where we felt similar emotions.
When life’s stressors hit—financial difficulties, job loss, relationship strife—we start to wallow in misery. If we hold on to those negative feelings, our minds conjure up past bad experiences, and the cycle continues. And once we are in a bad mood, we choose to view future events more negatively than if we were in a good mood.
But you can turn this beat around. Here’s how:
Make Small Changes
Don’t just say, “I’m going to eat more healthy food.” Do it. Swap the fast-food lunch with a healthy salad. This is a small, attainable behavioral change, which will improve your overall attitude in time. Small successes provide motivation to continue in the right direction.
Meet New People
We are social beings. Meeting new people and forming new bonds and relationships exposes us to new cultures and gives us a sense of belonging. These connections also give us an outlet for negative feelings. Venting to your bestie can help you release negative emotions and turn the corner to positive thoughts.
Break Out of Your Comfort Zone
This can help change your perspective. Breaking free of the daily same old will help you experience new things and new people—and it will give you a whole new set of happy memories!

Let Your Scalp Breath

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