5 Best Beauty Tips to Improve Your Face, Skin and Hair!

We love a good beauty tip, so we’ve rounded up five of our favorites for a flawless, fabulous you:

  1. Don’t skip sunscreen. Before you leave the house, even during the dead of winter, apply a broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher lotion to your face and a sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF 70 to other exposed body parts, such as arms and the backs of your hands.
  2. Spring for a facial four times a year. We time ours to the start of each season. Do you think of facials as just a pricey indulgence? Think again. Dermatologists know that professional facials deep clean your skin. Without them, dead cells build up and all those skin-care products you’ve spent a small fortune on can’t penetrate. Bonus: If you’ve noticed any weird changes in your skin, you can chat about them with your facialist.
  3. Deep condition your hair once a week. (We like Sundays while we’re watching our favorite binge-worthy show but any day is fine.) Shampoo, and then work a deep treatment designed for your hair type through your strands from mid-length to ends. Wrap your tresses in a warm towel and let the conditioner do its job. Thirty minutes should do the trick. Note: The longer you let the conditioner soak in before rinsing, the better.
  4. Give your skin and hair a break. Once a month, skip the makeup and nail polish for a couple of days to give your skin a chance to recharge and prevent stains on your nails.
  5. Moisturize while you sleep. Give ashy skin the boot each night by rubbing on body lotion containing lactic acid, which gently removes dead skin. Keep your feet baby smooth during winter by slathering on Vaseline, and then slipping on a pair of cotton socks before you hop under the covers.
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