Get Great Skin All Over

Don’t focus only on your face; these spots need love, too

Most skin care products focus on the face, so we often forget to treat other parts of our body with tender loving care. Don’t overlook these four neglected spots:
Hands. A great manicure can work wonders, but mistreating the skin on your hands can age you. When doing chores that require water or harsh chemicals, wear rubber gloves. Keep a pair of gardening gloves on hand for yard work. And slather on lotion to replenish moisture after washing your hands.
Bikini area. Shaving and waxing can cause the dreaded double R: razor rash—or worse, lead to bumps caused by ingrown hairs. Prevent them by exfoliating regularly with a washcloth or a sugar scrub.
Back. Remove blackheads by getting a back facial. Fight acne on your back with products containing benzoyl peroxide, which kills the bacteria that causes breakouts.
Legs. Keeping these limbs lovely requires two things: exfoliation and hydration. Slough dry skin with a loofah or a twice-weekly gentle body scrub. And stay ash-free by applying lotion or body oil throughout the day.

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