It’s Time to Give a Twist-Out a Try

Twist-Outs: a change of pace for your natural

We know you’re looking for a change of pace for your natural hair. New York stylist Lisa Bailey recommends two-strand twist-outs. A twist-out is a double strand twist or a flat twist that lays on the scalp. The style should last three to five days.
Here’s how to achieve the look:

  • Twists are always done with wet or damp hair. Use setting lotion, balm, or leave-in or natural oil as you twist. This helps moisturize the hair and helps set the curl pattern. Twist as many as you like; it’s up to you depending on the look you want to achieve.
  • Place flexi-rods on the ends of the twist for super curls with terrific definition.
  • Sit under a hooded dryer or let your hair air-dry overnight or for a couple of days.
  • Undo the twists with your fingers. Be sure to separate the hair into sections so it doesn’t clump, and fluff it with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. You will have a curly or wavy-textured Afro.
  • To maintain your new ’do, sleep in a satin bonnet, not a scarf. (“A scarf will flatten the hair and the wave pattern won’t be noticeable,” Bailey says.) Top off daily with oil sheen. When the hair gets older, you may want to use a headband or clips.
Get Rid of Your Dark Spots for Good

A word of caution: “This style is not gym-friendly,” Bailey says, “as sweat and moisture will cause some loss of the curls and waves.”
The two-strand twist out gives curls and waves to natural hair without thermal heat. It is easy on the hair and it is a protective style that promotes growth while eliminating breakage.

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