Love Your Hair Healthy

For healthy hair, treat your tresses with love

“Healthy hair is beautiful hair,” says New York stylist and natural hair care specialist Lisa Bailey. “In order to have healthy hair, you must have a healthy scalp, which requires taking a more active role in your hair care regimen.” Sleeping with a silk bonnet or scarf, using a satin pillowcase, washing hair with moisturizing shampoos and conditioners that don’t contain harsh detergents are some of the actions called for by that regimen.
Read the Label
“I always advise my clients to pay attention to the hair care products they buy, to read the labels and ingredients, because all products are not created equal, and every head of hair is unique,” Bailey says. “I also caution clients not to become product junkies.”
Bailey also advises her clients to talk with their hair care provider while trying to find the right product for their hair type. “This helps them avoid stocking up on too many brands they will never use.”
Bailey’s Protective Tips
Avoid petroleum-based products. These will never penetrate the hair follicle, but will cause buildup and heavy, lifeless, greasy hair.
Buy organic. These add life, shine, bounce and movement to hair, while moisturizing both the hair and the scalp.
Deep condition hair. Over time, deep conditioning and steam treatments will strengthen the hair shaft.
Don’t resort to excessive blow drying or thermal styling. These dry the hair and may cause breakage.
If you become overwhelmed with your daily hair care routine, there are lots of options to help you; protective styling is just one option. “Your hair is unique,” Bailey says. “Love it. Wear it. Embrace it. Care for it!”

William Yates, M.D.: Combat Hair Loss

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