Breast Cancer

Support a Sister

No matter what we are—chef, teacher, businesswoman, scientist or mom—we have the power to support our sisters.

Nowhere is this skill more important than when we use that power to support a sister in her battle against breast cancer. This means speaking up for women less fortunate than we are, choosing collaboration over competition and helping women be proactive about their health. We also uplift when we help a woman advocate for her well-being when it comes to breast health. This includes the importance of knowing their own breasts and making sure they get an annual mammogram.

We can also support our sisters when we talk to them about the importance of participating in clinical trials. Clinical research opens more possibilities, especially for women living with breast cancer. In fact, clinical research is at the forefront of finding new and more effective treatments.There’s no better time to talk to one’s mother, grandmother, aunt or sister about clinical trials and let them know we’re there for full support.

It’s also a time to learn why inclusiveness is important to the research process and why Bristol Myers Squibb is committed to diversity at all levels. As a leading, international biopharmaceutical company, Bristol Myers Squibb has developed a comprehensive website for patients to research clinical trials for breast cancer and other serious diseases. is a pathway for patients, their caregivers and physicians to learn more about how clinical trials work.The site provides patients with the full spectrum of the clinical study process in order to take a more active role in their health care.

Acupressure Reduces Fatigue in Breast Cancer Survivors has made it possible for a wider variety of patients to take advantage of clinical studies. What’s more, not only allows patients to search for clinical trials by disease and location, but also pre-screen for a trial to see if they are a match. It’s a one-stop shop to find everything essential to become a confident participant and support for a sister. Visit for more information.

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