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Skinny Sipping!

Healthier twists on old cocktail faves

We all love to get our drink on, and with the hustle and bustle of the holidays rapidly approaching, we’re all trying to come up with ways to enjoy the festivities without looking plumper than the glazed ham on our tables. Most cocktails are jam-packed full of sugar and empty calories, which, when coupled with the calories already being consumed during a rich meal, can leave you feeling full of more than just the holiday spirit. But never fear, ladies and gents, these luscious libations will ensure that you keep those unwanted pounds further away than an ugly Christmas sweater.

We’ve scoured the net to find healthier versions of three beloved cocktails that cut down on the calories, while still being an absolute treat for the taste buds.

Green Tea Mojito

Metabolism-enhancing green tea takes a starring role in this minty brew. Plus, it has lime juice, so no one can tell you you’re not getting your vitamin C.

Classic Margarita

This recipe utilizes lime zest on the rim of your glass to add a nice zing and cut sodium intake by half. The fresh ingredients also help to avoid the overly sweet taste of store-bought mixers.

The Low-Sugar Cosmo

Tweaked ingredients lower the sugar intake, and cranberry juice adds a burst of antioxidants to help keep you looking fresh and dewy long after you’ve gone tipsy!


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