Hot Workouts for 2019

These fitness crazes will make you go hard core

Tired of Zumba? Want to up the ante on your yoga class? It’s a good thing workout trends evolve. Fitness diehards, break a sweat by giving these must-try workouts a spin:
Barre classes, popular over the past few years, are still all the rage, but new versions, such as AKT Inmotion, add interval training, yoga and strength training to dance moves. Sessions, which are not for beginners, run 60 to 90 minutes and provide a serious workout.
Love to spin? Hydro spinning, or aqua cycling, adds resistance without stressing your joints by putting the bikes in the pool. A 30-minute hydro spinning class burns off about 300 calories per session.
Sure it sounds like champagne and yoga mats, but fizzy yoga is actually a marriage of physical therapy, body alignment, meditative breathing, massage and yoga poses. Think of it as mindful physical therapy. Instructors tailor programs to the participant, taking into account body type, strengths, weaknesses and injuries. It’s not cheap—sessions run about $200—but it can torch between 300 to 600 calories.

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