Easy Ways to Eat More Greens

Not getting enough greens? Tired of the tried and true? Trick yourself into consuming more

You know you should eat as many greens as you possibly can. Why? They have a ton of benefits: They supply your body with vital vitamins and minerals, they are key to a healthy digestive system and they have phytonutrients that help fight cancer. They can give you glowing skin glow, fill you up without making you fat—even improve your sex life!

But if you’re sick of boring salads and steamed broccoli makes you want to hurl, here are a few simple ways to trick yourself into getting more greens into your diet:

  • Stir-fry: It’s so easy to pack green veggies into stir-fries that this one is almost a no-brainer. Toss in bok choi, sugar snaps, Swiss chard, snow peas, asparagus or green beans.
  • Sandwiches: Ask the deli guy to double the greens on your sandwich. Bonus: This adds more fiber to your diet, too, which is good for lowering blood glucose and cholesterol levels.
  • Muffins: Puree greens and add them to muffins. You won’t notice spinach mixed with with other ingredients, like blueberries. This works with brownies, too, but don’t be tempted to eat the whole pan.
  • Fresh juice: Toss a handful of cabbage, celery or a shot of wheatgrass into your sweet (think apple or carrot) juices. You won’t taste the greens (though they will change the color of your drink).
  • Kale chips: These tasty chips are a party favorite, and they have more nutrition than carb-packed potato varieties.
  • Smoothies: A handful of spinach in your fruit smoothie won’t change the taste at all.
  • Soups: Jazz up canned chicken noodle or your homemade orzo with a handful of arugula. Simmer for about a minute.
  • Black beans: Stirring in a couple of cups of chopped, blanched greens like chard or kale at the tail end of cooking your beans adds flavor, color and texture.
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