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Six Tips to Avoid Eyestrain

Too much social media can lead to computer vision syndrome

If you work on a computer (as many of us do), you’ve probably noticed that too much screen time can lead to something called computer vision syndrome (CVS)—that tired, strained feeling your eyes get. According to studies, CVS affects about 64 percent to 90 percent of office workers.
The good news: CVS probably doesn’t cause permanent eye damage. But the syndrome can still bug the heck out of you. The most common symptoms of CVS include burning, blurry (or double) vision, dryness, eyestrain, headaches, irritation, redness, and neck and shoulder pain.
If computer screens are being a pain in your eyes, here’s how to alleviate symptoms:
Have your eyes checked. If you need a new or changed prescription but don’t have it, using a computer will be difficult.
Blink. Or buy lubricating eye drops.
Eliminate glare. Install anti-glare filters on the monitor and change your screen’s contrast and brightness to help reduce glare.
Reposition the computer. The screen should be about an arm’s length away and positioned directly in front of your face. Place the monitor so its center is 4 to 8 inches below your eyes.
Invest in proper lighting. Take the visor test to determine if current lighting works for you: While looking at the monitor, cup your hands over your eyes (pretend your hand is a baseball cap). If your eyes immediately feel better, change your lighting.
Clean your monitor. A layer of dust can make your eyes work harder.

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