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Stop waiting; start living

Have you found yourself floundering lately? Seems like you’ve lost your way? It happens to the best of us. You can turn things around. Here’s how in a few simple steps:
Find your passion. Make a list of all the times in your life when you’ve been completely and happily absorbed in an activity. Can you imagine a life in which this activity didn’t exist?
Organize your life. Don’t keep saying you’re going to start jumping rope or hula-hoop classes, planning to prepare healthier meals for your family, thinking about buying that life insurance policy. Instead, sign up for belly dancing or that spinning class, increase the fresh veggies in your diet, or purchase life insurance. Toss junk mail right away. Put away clean, folded clothes immediately.
Stop worrying. If you drink six glasses of water instead of eight, it’s no big deal. Reading in the dark won’t harm your eyes (though it might give you a headache). Your lipstick and your deodorant won’t kill you.
Take care of you. Use sunscreen, even on cloudy days. One day a month, do something just for you—get a pedicure, go to the spa, don’t spend both weekend days running errands or doing yard work. Sleep late for once.

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