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Have Sex (and Lots of It) Now!

Reap the health benefits of sex

Sex doesn’t just feel good; it’s also good for your health. But our lives are so busy that we sometimes push it to the bottom (or off) of our must-do lists. Here are seven reasons (one for each day of the week) to move it back to the top—and make sure it gets checked off:

  1. Pain reduction. Sex (and orgasms) increases our levels of oxytocin, which makes endorphins (feel-good hormones) increase and pain decrease. So forget reaching for ibuprofen the next time you have a headache or crazy-bad menstrual cramps; grab your honey instead.
  2. Stronger immune system. Boost your levels of immunoglobulin A, an antibody that can help protect against colds and infections, with a simple roll in the hay twice a week.
  3. Better sleep. Research links a good night’s sleep to slowed aging, a healthy weight and lower blood pressure. Hormones released during orgasm promote sleep. We’re all for anything that helps us get those all-important eight hours a night!
  4. Stress relief. You don’t need us to tell you that feeling overwhelmed and overworked 24/7 is just bad news. Research shows that sex has the same soothing effect as sweet comfort foods when it comes to easing stress—without the calories.
  5. Cancer prevention. Some studies suggest male orgasms and testicle stimulation may reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
  6. A healthy heart. Several studies show your risk of dying from a stroke or heart attack goes down as the frequency of your good orgasms increase over time. Think of it as another way to get your cardio. Though sex only burns about 100 to 200 calories (depending on intensity), it’s still a workout.
  7. Happier mood. Biochemical reactions in our bodies during sex help improve our mood. That’s a scientific-y way to say an intimate connection makes you happy.
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All this and better skin (no, that morning-after glow isn’t a myth)? What are you waiting for?

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