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5 Things to Know About HIV Treatment in 2015

What therapies are in the pipeline?

Here’s what on the horizon for HIV treatment:

Data from studies on long-acting injectable HIV medications for treatment and prevention will be available. The hope is that HIV-positive folks will be required to have only one injection session per month. Even better news: Less frequent injections may be effective in preventing HIV.
Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) will expand in this country, as cities like Chicago, New York and San Francisco offer patient assistance (along with the one provided by the manufacturer of Truvada).
More one-pill, once-a-day combination regimens will receive FDA approval as more pharmaceutical companies collaborate.
Patients running out of treatment options for resistant HIV will have access to two attachment inhibitors at the same time. Researchers hope these two agents will treat multi-resistant HIV since they provide a different mode of action.
HIV cure research will overcome recent setbacks as more effective HIV reservoir-purging compounds and immune-based approaches are studied.

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