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Don’t Let Overactive Bladder Keep You on the Sidelines

You can still exercise; it just takes preparation

Worried about an accidental leak during your kickboxing class? You’re not alone. But you don’t have to let overactive bladder (OAB) derail your workout. You just need to follow a few steps first.

Talk to your physician before starting an exercise program. Discuss your concerns and the best ways for you to stay fit in spite of OAB.

Strengthen your pelvic floor with Kegels. If you don’t know how to do them properly, discuss the correct form with your doctor or take a class that tones core muscles.

Empty your bladder completely.

Avoid foods that contribute to OAB for several hours before you hit the gym. If you take medication that increases your urine output, such as diuretics, take them after you exercise. You will need to stay hydrated, however, so you should drink a small amount of water at timed intervals during your workout.

Go low impact. You may not be able to avoid accidents during jump rope or Zumba classes, but you can walk, swim, hop on the elliptical or try other forms of low-impact workouts.

Go slow. Sudden movements could trigger a leak.

Be prepared. Know where the closest bathrooms are located in your gym or yoga studio. Wear protective undergarments and dark pants. Bring a towel. Some women find inserting a tampon helps prevent accidents.

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