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Checklist: Baby Care Products You Really Need

What should you have in your newborn toolkit

While you’re washing those cute onesies and choosing the most modern stroller in preparation for your newborn, don’t forget to stock up on these baby grooming product must-haves:
Baby bath liquid. Get your pediatrician’s recommendation or look for ones that don’t contain fragrances.
Baby oil. This does double duty: It’s a gentle way to clean sticky baby poo, and it gets rid of common (but not serious) cases of cradle cap.
Baby nail clippers. Choose a pair with round tips.
Baby shampoo. Be sure to choose a no-tears formula.
Baby wipes. Once your baby is a few weeks old, use alcohol- and fragrance-free wipes to clean her tender butt. (Plus, baby wipes make great on-the-go cleaner uppers!)
Cotton balls. Use these (dipped in plain water) to clean your baby’s bottom instead of baby wipes for the first few weeks.
Digital thermometer. You can take your baby’s temperature rectally or under her armpit with these accurate, fast and inexpensive thermometers.
Hydrocortisone cream. Use this on rashes. (Calamine lotion works well, too.)
Liquid pain reliever for infants. Babies younger than six months can take liquid acetaminophen; after six months you can give them liquid ibuprofen. Be sure to use the calibrated medicine dropper and do not give your kids aspirin; it can lead to deadly Reye’s Syndrome.
Nasal aspirator. It looks like a mini turkey baster, but it’s important to clear congestion from your baby’s nose.
Petroleum jelly. This makes taking your baby’s temperature rectally a lot easier on both of you.
Skincare ointment. Talk to your pediatrician about the best ointment for your baby.


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