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Finding motivation to get healthier is often easier said than done. These strategies can help you stick with it when you’re ready to quit:

  • Know your why. Remind yourself each day why’re you’re choosing to eat healthier or be more physically active. If you realize you’re doing something for the wrong reason–doing a task just to get it done instead of tackling it to learn something new–there’s no shame in shifting your why. The shift can be the spark that starts your engine.
  • Make large goals and small ones. This makes it easier to track your progress and not get discouraged.
  • Keep track of your progress in a log or journal. This will remind you of your objectives and help you celebrate the successes.
  • Don’t judge your progress by what your scale says. Judge yourself on how you feel over time.
  • Use your calendar to help you stay on task. Schedule meals, workouts and sleep just like you schedule doctor’s appointments, work meetings and social outings with friends.
  • Expect the unexpected. If you know overeat when you’re stressed, have an alternate stress-relief plan at the ready. A social gathering with loads of unhealthy food? Don’t restrict yourself too much or beat yourself up if you get off track that day.
  • Make meal prep your go-to tool. When it comes to eating right, you’re less likely to eat out and consume high-calorie, fat-laden foods if you’ve planned home-cooked healthy meals.
  • Find a support group. Family and friends can help hold you accountable.
  • Link your actions to good feelings. It’s easier to complete a difficult task if you focus on good feelings. So play your favorite song when you’re doing something you don’t really like.
  • Don’t get discouraged by plateaus. Re-evaluate your healthy lifestyle goals and adjust as necessary if what you’ve been doing no longer works for you.
  • Reward yourself. Whether it’s a long-term or short-term goal, it should be recognized.
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