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The Top 10 Free (or Nearly Free) Health Apps

Download these must-have apps ASAP

Fooducate (free) allows you to scan your food items by barcode before you buy them. This instantly alerts you to any harmful or misleading ingredients. It also gives you FoodPoints info and boasts the largest database of Universal Product Code-based nutrition information. Android;iPhone
Girlfriends in God Devotional ($1.99) is an inspirational app that draws on biblical references and the experiences of other kindred spirits to revitalize your mind and soul. A journaling feature also allows you to share your thoughts with a community of like-minded women. Android;iPhone
Glucose Buddy Diabetes Helper (free) is a one-stop record keeper that helps you track your own (or a loved one’s) diabetes. It also includes a food/exercise log, forum, graphs and reminder alert function.Android;iPhone
Total Health for African-American Christians ($1.99, iPhone; $2.99, Android), developed by A. Maria Hester. M.D., to help address the health needs of African Americans and optimize their lives through healthy lifestyle choices, this app takes a holistic approach to health and includes features to manage sickle cell anemia, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, heart health and spiritual/mental well-being. Android;iPhone
As seen on the “Dr. Oz” show, Instant Heart Rate (free) helps you take control of your heart health with charts, graphs and a touch-activated pulse counter. Android;iPhone
With more than 24 million pounds of combined fat lost worldwide by its users, Lose It! (free) helps you set attainable fitness goals, establish a calorie budget and reach your healthiest weight. Android;iPhone
Food on the Table (free) helps organize your grocery lists, itemize food preferences and even see sales at your local supermarket. With an ordered approach to food shopping and prep, meal planning doesn’t have to be an all-day affair. Android;iPhone
Swap It, Don’t Stop It! (free) makes a healthy lifestyle a lot more feasible in today’s fast-paced world. Swap It gives users the ability to attain big results by making small swaps in their daily routine. For example, users can set alerts to suggest swapping that candy bar for sunflower seeds or getting off the subway a couple of stops earlier to fit in some extra exercise time. iPhone
Simple yet effective, Traffic Light Food Tracker (free) identifies which foods are healthy choices and which are just too good to be true. Think of it as a nutrition-conscious private eye that helps you quickly get to the bottom of the facts and avoid unnecessary fats! Android; iPhone
iBreastCheck (free) gives you concise information on how and when to screen yourself for breast cancer. With an instructional video for first-timers, a reminder alert feature and a free risk report service to let you know of any red flags, this is an app women of all ages should have.Android; iPhone

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