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Hepatitis C Diaries: Sharing Your Diagnosis With Those Close to You

Some people should be told ASAP

Talking about your hep C diagnosis is your decision, but some people should be told about your diagnosis as soon as possible.
Even though there is a very small chance that you will transmit hep C to them, family members, spouses and especially sexual partners should all be made aware so that they can be tested and treated if necessary. Sharing your diagnosis with trusted friends or family members can also help build a valuable support and resource network.
Sometimes, however, family or friends might react negatively to the news. Before you talk to your loved ones, be sure you have all of the facts about hep C, especially how it is and isn’t spread. A counselor can give you tips to help start and guide the conversation if you suspect a violent or hostile reaction.
Sharing your diagnosis news is especially important within the African-American community, where the rate of chronic hepatitis C infection is higher than in any other ethnic group.

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