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9 Signs He Will Be Great in Bed

Tips to find out if he’s fantastic between the sheets

Spending time with someone new and wondering if he’ll be any good when you do the do? Wonder no further; these surefire tips will help you figure out if he will be fantastic between the sheets.

1. He notices everything. From picking up on the tiredness in your voice to realizing that you’re cold, he is tuned in to what you are experiencing at all times. That will bode well for you in the bedroom, promise.

2. He can dance. It’s a cliché because it’s true: Rhythm doesn’t only live on the dance floor. If he can keep up with you there, we’re betting he can keep up with you in other places, too.

3. He kisses you well. If he gives you dry, boring kisses, rams his tongue down your throat or somehow manages to bite your teeth (no, really), run the other way.

4. He turns toward you. Not physically, but emotionally. If he is interested in all of you—from the boring daily stuff to the big-deal issues—he will be interested and invested in meeting your needs in bed.

5. He holds the door for you. Not only is he chivalrous, but he’s interested in you, ahem, coming first.

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6. He makes you feel comfortable. Whether you’re meeting for your first date or amassing an epic text chain, he’s great at putting you at ease everywhere. That won’t stop when your clothes come off.

7. He makes you feel sexy. Not that you need validation, but it feels good when he can’t take his eyes off you. He is genuinely enthralled with your intellect and your booty, and you can bet he will make you know it when you get it on.

8. He is open-minded. Show us a man who is non-judgmental, and we will show you a man who will be down to explore all your kinky fantasies.

9. He likes to get his stuff done. There isn’t a lazy bone in that man’s body; he will take it as a personal failure if he doesn’t get you off.

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