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9 Ways to Show Her You Love Her

Sure you can say, “I love you.” But do your actions make your lady feel loved? Here, the top ways to show her just how much you care.

  1. Pay attention. The way she says she’s “fine” as she washes the dishes and how abruptly she gets up when it becomes clear you’re not listening to her work story will clue you in to how she’s feeling at any given moment. Pay attention and ask what you can do to help her feel better.
  2. Create a loving ritual. Whether you make her coffee every morning or rub her feet while you watch TV post-dinner, starting—and keeping up with—something sweet lets her know you care.
  3. Cook for her. You can create her favorite sandwich or cook a three-course meal—it really doesn’t matter. The fact that you took the time to think about what she would like, make it and serve it to her will scream how much you love her.
  4. Compliment her. Tell her she smells good, that she boosts your swag when you’re out together, that the meal you just demolished was delicious.
  5. Solve a problem. Fix something she didn’t even think to ask you about. From replacing her crappy laptop battery to fixing the suction on the vacuum so she doesn’t have to go over each spot 10 times, making her life easier will score you major points.
  6. Be vulnerable. It may be hard, but letting your guard down with the woman you love will not only help her get to know the real you, but it also will let her know you trust her enough to be the real you in her presence.
  7. Say thank you. This is the quickest—and easiest—way to show that you don’t take the things she does for granted.
  8. Listen, remember and follow up. From remembering her sister’s name to asking how her last interview went, when you show genuine interest in the details of her life, you prove that her whole world matters to you.
  9. Be there. She should never have to wonder if you will be around when she needs you. Show up.
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