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10 Ways to Add More Joy to Your Day

Wouldn’t life be great if we could wake up daily in a joyful mood and move through the day without losing an ounce of that joy? OK, maybe we could lose an ounce or two, but for the most part we would remain pretty happy. The thought of it feels good to me. I think that would be bliss.

But we all know that finding and maintaining joy just isn’t that easy; especially when you are a busy mom with a ton and her plate. For many busy moms, adding more joy to each day can prove to be quite tough. After all, who has time to worry about joy when you have work to do, bills to pay, kids to raise and places to be? Of course, we all know how important joy is, but achieving it consistently can seem impossible.

Yet, here is what we all must acknowledge and embrace as mothers: Moving through life feeling weighed down and depleted is no way to live. It’s not just bad for us, but it can really do damage to our kids. You see, the way we live life teaches them a lot about how to live life. Do you want your kids to grow up thinking joyful living is some elusive dream? Don’t you want them to feel like joy is attainable?

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So when life is too much to bear and you just want to crawl under a rock and take a 20-hour nap, how on earth do you add more joy to your day? It isn’t always easy, but I think these suggestions are a start. Doing these things doesn’t make life perfect, and it won’t fix any major dilemmas you face in an instant, but it sure will leave you with days that have a lot more joy and a lot more hope. You’ll take that, right? I know I sure will.

  1. Pray often.
  2. Take a nap (even if it’s just 15 minutes long).
  3. Step out into the sunshine.
  4. Drop a text message to someone you miss.
  5. Break a sweat.
  6. Read something you love.
  7. Send a thank you note.
  8. Take a step toward a goal or dream.
  9. Do a good deed.
  10. Declutter a small space in your home or office.

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