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6 mental health resolutions for 2018

While we focus on being physically healthier in 2018, don’t neglect improving your mental health. Here are six resolutions to help get your mind right in the New Year.
Find the good in things. Work on focusing on what’s good about a situation, how you can fix what’s not and motivate others around you. Also, be aware that when things don’t go your way, perhaps that because there is a bigger plan in motion.
Don’t sweat the small stuff. Going zero to 100 over spilled milk is silly—and isn’t good for your health. Recognize that not everything requires you to react so strongly. This year work on picking your battles and brushing trivial stuff right off your shoulders.
Block out toxic people and things. Surrounding yourself withtoxic and negative people can take its toll on your mental health and spirit by damaging your self-esteem or encouraging you to be toxic as well. Recognize toxic people in your life, and if they refuse to get better, kick them to the curb.
See your greatness. Don’t spend another second beating yourself up for not being perfect. This year be your biggest cheerleader, but also love yourself enough to know when you need to work on yourself to achieve your full potential.
Be open to professional help. The notion that depression or mental illness is strictly a white person’s problem is a dangerous myth. One way to take control of your mental health is to know when it’s spiraling out of control. Also, if you are harboring past trauma and it’s impacting your life, this is the year to work on it. Remember, seeing a therapist or talking it out doesn’t make you weak. Make this the year you no longer suffer in silence.
Be more aware of what your triggers are. It could be a smell, a look or an image that can sometimes set our emotions into a tailspin by reminding of us past trauma. Try being more aware of what those triggers are this year, so you can have more control of your feelings when they appear.
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