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Give Your Mood a Boost!

Try these quick tips to give yourself a lift

We’ve all been there: What started out as a great morning quickly loses its appeal with traffic, a broken heel, an overflowing email inbox and an unscheduled three-hour conference call.

Give yourself a five-minute time out and get your joy back with these instant mood boosters:

  • Play your favorite song. Is there a tune that never fails to make you smile and dance in your seat? Pump up the volume! One study found that depressed individuals who participated in musical therapy along with traditional therapy had a greater level of improvement than those in traditional therapy only.
  • Give your favorite color a go. Research says certain colors can produce calmness and serenity, while others can make you more productive. If orange is your happy color, spring for a bright bouquet of flowers in that shade or put pumpkin-colored polish on your nails.
  • De-clutter a small space. Focus on just the kitchen counter, not the entire room, and make it tidy. You’ll be surprised how this can take the frantic out of your day.
  • Take a scent break. According to experts, some essential oils help alter your mood. Dab the nape of your neck with eucalyptus, grapefruit or jasmine essential oils for a quick pick-me-up. Ladies, if you don’t have essential oils handy, smell your lover’s sweaty clothes. Sounds crazy, but research shows male sweat may actually make women feel happier.
  • Take a hot shower. Not only is this a great way to relax at the end of a long day, but research shows the hot water can improve your mood and fight loneliness, too.
Let Your Scalp Breath

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