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Let Your Scalp Breath

8 reasons to take a weavecation

Recently, singer, music producer and reality star Kandi Burruss showed on her Instagram that she had taken out her weave (which her hubby, Todd loved!). And she looked amazing too! Want to follow in Kandi’s footsteps? Here’s why you should:

Give your scalp the time it needs to breathe. Healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp. And that means our hair follicles need oxygen and a good massage. So get that coconut oil out and go to town!

Treat your real hair. With your own hair braided away, you have to remember not to neglect it. With the weave out, you can wash,deep condition and do a protein treatment to get it stronger and healthier for when you put the tracks back in.

Relieve scalp stress. Even when done perfectly, weaves cause some tension on your scalp and hair because of the weight. So use this break to give your head a break, especially around the hairline, which is very fragile.

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Reduce thinning. Another consequence of weave can be thinning hair, thanks to the braiding and weight of the tracks. One way to reduce your risk of that happening is by taking a break, too.

Cut down on matting. You shouldn’t keep your weave in for any more than three months at a time, so breaks are crucial in order for your hair not to be full-on unintentional dreads.

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Let bae see the “real” you. Now, even Todd hadn’t seen Kandi’s real hair in four years. And, no, you don’t need to do anything cause he says so. But don’t underestimate the power of him wanting you for you.

Help build your confidence. In a past interview, Kandi once said she felt naked without her weave. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to rock some tracks. But perhaps taking a break from it can remind you that it doesn’t need to be a crutch to make you feel good about yourself.

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Remember: You are not your hair. In the end, whether you rock a fro, a relaxed head or long flowing locks, hair is really just hair. And the best part of you lies within.

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