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The Pros and Cons of Micro Braids

This protective style is versatile, durable and frizz-free

Are you someone who can’t live without your mini braids? For many, this protective style is the year-round go-to style.

As with many protective styles, there are pros and cons to mini braids. Here’s what you should know before you decide to get them:

They last a very long time. One natural hair blogger has said, “Mini braids are the true lazy girl’s hairstyle.” They last for as long as four to six weeks. Due to the tautness of braids, they can take more wear and tear than other braids and twists. You might be tempted to leave them in even longer, but we do not recommend it.

They are versatile. You can rock lots of styles with mini braids—from casual updos to braided pin curls and from long and loose to one big French braid.

They don’t show frizz. Done right, mini braids produce very little frizz. And less frizz means less tangling.

They show length well. If you want to show your length without applying heat, mini braids are a great choice. As most of us know, braids stretch our natural hair really well with little to no manipulation.

They work well for frequent washers. If your exercise routine makes you sweat or you swim laps every day and need to wash your hair frequently, you can wash your braids at least twice a week without worry or the need to redo them.

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It can take forever to install them. One of the biggest negatives of mini braids is that they can take forever to put in. Depending on your hair’s length, density and how small you want your braids, it can take anywhere from three to 12 hours. If sitting still that long isn’t in your DNA, mini braids may not be for you.

It can take just as long to remove them. You may want to binge watch your favorite show on Netflix, because removing mini braids can take as long—if not longer—as putting them in.

You won’t have volume. If big hair is your thing, you should know you likely won’t experience that with mini braids.

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