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Stressed? Relax That!

A simple meditation can ease tight shoulders

The holiday season is fast approaching, and here’s the gift you don’t want: stress. The good news is that holiday stress is usually temporary. Your best bet is to kick it before it crashes the party, because long-term stress weakens your immune system and makes it harder for you to stay healthy.
Try this five-minute meditation to bring you back to the reason for the season.
Sit. Keep your back straight but relaxed.
Empty your mind of all thoughts except your breathing.
Breathe a few slow, deep breaths through your belly, not your chest.
Inhale while counting five. Exhale while counting five.
Focus on each muscle in your body.
Move tension from your face, down your neck, stomach, legs and out of your feet.
Imagine peace and calm at the center of your chest.
Stay in this tranquil state for a few minutes.

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