Ann Arbor, MI Becomes The First U.S. City To Require Free Menstrual Products In Public Restrooms
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Ann Arbor, MI Becomes The First U.S. City To Require Free Menstrual Products In Public Restrooms

Ann Arbor, MI, becomes the first U.S. city to require free menstrual products in public restrooms. The City council unanimously voted to pass the law on Monday. The ordinance requires all public restrooms in the 120,000-resident college community, including inside businesses, to offer feminine products. The law is effective January 1, 2022, resulting in a $100 fine if violated.

Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor proposed the law because of a conversation with a high school student. She was concerned about homeless people not having access to menstrual products. “It is a necessity and a long time coming,’ stated Taylor. “Access to these items is a matter of personal dignity, a human necessity, and a health care right,” Taylor said at the city council meeting Monday.” In addition, a study in 2019 revealed that nearly two-thirds of low-income women couldn’t afford feminine products at least once within the past year.

Michela Bedard, executive director of PERIODtold CNN, “It’s entirely possible that there is a very small town out there that has made this decision, and they did it without any fanfare or meeting or help with advocacy. But certainly, this is the first major municipality that’s made waves like this.” Ultimately, having these products available in all public restrooms ensure every woman the chance to not go without the necessary items each month.

Nancy Kramer, the founder of Free The Tampon, stated, “It [really] provides any person who’s been menstruating a peace of mind that they currently don’t have,” Kramer said. “And it just helps us not have a level of potential embarrassment or humiliation.”
This ordinance is a big step for women! I hope other cities take the same steps on making menstrual products accessible for all. What are your thoughts? Comment below!
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