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20 Foods for Stronger Erections

What you eat can give you staying power

Having a rock hard erection is every man’s dream. Did you think a strong erection requires nothing more than arousal? But with the hazards of modern life—including stress and improper sleep—it is becoming very difficult for men to get and maintain hard erections. Some men are also suffering from the embarrassing disorder called erectile dysfunction, which does not allow them to satisfy their partner.

The secret to having a hard and strong erection may lie in your plate. A healthy lifestyle coupled with some foods for strong erections can help many men have a successful love life. Usually aphrodisiac foods help you get erections. But not all aphrodisiacs are foods for strong erections. An aphrodisiac food will only help you have an erection. To sustain it, satisfy your partner and even to conceive a baby, you need to eat foods for stronger erection.

The male hormone testosterone is very essential for a man to have and sustain an erection. So most of these foods help to produce more testosterone in your body. Besides, some of the foods for strong erections also helps to increase blood flow to the genital parts. That too is a very important part of the male reproductive mechanism.

Here are some of the best foods for stronger erections that last longer:

  1. Onions are basically called heart healthy because they thin the blood. When your blood becomes thinner, its volume increases. Increase blood volume can help you get a strong erection that lasts for a long time.
  2. Pasta (with herbs) has lots of carbs that will give you energy for lovemaking. Herbs like nutmeg and cayenne pepper added to the pasta makes it all the more androgenic for you.
  3. The easiest way to get a “hard on” is by pushing more blood into your penal blood vessels. So remember how your face becomes red after eating spicy food? Chillies have a similar effect on a man’s genitals.
  4. Too much coffee is not exactly healthy. However, there is no denying the fact that caffeine does give you energy kicks that can make you last longer in bed.
  5. Omega-3 fatty acids that are abundantly present in cold water fish, such as salmon, help to improve blood circulation. It makes the blood less sticky so that you can get an erection quickly.
  6. Dark unsweetened cocoa is one of the best aphrodisiac foods to have before lovemaking. It arouses you from within and that is the most important thing about getting a hard erection.
  7. The anthocyanins present in cherries help clean up arteries. This ensures that your blood supply is not blocked from reaching your penis in time. Besides, cherries are also aphrodisiac foods.
  8. Eating healthy is one of the thumb rules of being a great lover. So the heart-healthy oats in porridge fill your stomach, flush out bad fats and help you be more energetic in bed.
  9. Saffron heals aches and pain in your body. It thus makes your body more sensitive to feelings and touch. This helps men both men and women increase their libido.
  10. Zinc is a vital nutrient required for producing testosterone in the body. There are few better sources of zinc in the world than seafood. So keep pouring more of oyster sauce on your food, it will help you have a better hard on.
  11. Bananas give you some much needed doses of potassium that helps keep your heart healthy and improves blood circulation. And with smooth blood circulation comes a stronger erection.
  12. Pomegranates are literally loaded with iron and that helps in the production of red blood cells in the body. The more blood you have, the faster and stronger your erection will be.
  13. Red wine can actually work like Viagra for you. It helps your blood vessels expand so that you can have a better erection.
  14. Cloves are traditionally a part of “garam masala,” which is a hot combination of spices used for Indian cooking. Cloves help raise body temperature, flushing more blood to the penis.
  15. Having a better erection is easier when you have lots of carbs. Now carbs do not have to be fattening polished ones. You can always have whole grains that are fibrous and heart healthy.
  16. Cardamom is used in Ayurveda for increasing sexual desire. It adds to the ardor of a man and helps him last longer in bed.
  17. Pork is rich in vitamin B1, which is required for quick nervous reflexes. Your nervous system also plays a major role in giving you a hard and sustained erection.
  18. Watermelon has the capacity to relax or dilate your blood vessels so that more blood can be pumped to your genitals. Thus, it is a great fruit to have in bed.
  19. Green tea is filled with healthy antioxidants that clean up free radicals from your body. Green tea refreshes your mind, body and the essential parts required for a good love life.
  20. Fennel makes you sweat and helps you clean toxins from your body. This spice helps clean up your system so you can have a healthy erection.
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