Stacey Abrams announced she will run for Georgia governor in 2022
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Stacey Abrams Announced She Will Run for Georgia Governor in 2022

Stacey Abrams announced she will run for Georgia governor in 2022. Abrams launched her campaign yesterday afternoon. She pledges to fight for economic equality and expand health care access. Abrams will potentially run against Governor Brian Kemp, making this one of the country’s most competitive political battlegrounds.

Abrams posted her campaign video on Twitter, highlighting her work in GA since her defeat back in 2018. Her video also had a message that said, “opportunity and success in Georgia shouldn’t be determined by your ZIP code, background, or access to power.” Many GA Democrats awaited her decision to run again. If Kemp survives the fight for the GOP nomination, then an epic showdown will occur.

Sadly, Abrams lost to Kemp by less than 1.4 percentage points back in 2018. That was one of the closest GA gubernatorial elections in decades. In addition, the Democrat refused to concede defeat initially because of what she called an “erosion” of voting rights. Abrams received backlash from many and respect from others for her decision not to concede.

Stacey Abrams Could Make History

If Stacey Abrams wins this election, she will become the first Black governor in GA, and the first Black woman elected governor in U.S. history. Furthermore, it would make for a highly awkward conversation for Republicans. However, her fight will not be easy. Abrams is running in a callous political environment.

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Kemp wasn’t pleased to hear Abram’s announcement. However, he warned people that her “far-left agenda” doesn’t reflect GA’s values. “Next November’s election for governor is a battle for the soul of our state,” he stated. “I’m in the fight against Stacey Abrams, the failed Biden agenda, and their woke allies to keep Georgia the best place to live, work and raise a family.”

Abrams’ decision to run answers the Democrat’s next moves? Many believed she was a future White House contender. Abrams grew her media platform with multiple projects, including a tour that ended and was even considered Biden’s running mate. In addition, Abrams stayed heavily involved in state politics. She spoke out against Kemp’s approach to the COVID-19 pandemic, his voting laws, and his refusal to expand Medicaid. “Regardless of the pandemic or the storms, the obstacles in our way, or the forces determined to divide us, my job has been to just put my head down and keep working toward one Georgia,” she said. “Because in the end, we are one Georgia.”

The Race Begins

The campaign, which filed paperwork Wednesday, will be led by her longtime aide Lauren Groh-Wargo. A major statewide launch is in the works for next year. We expect Abrams’ initial steps to involve small-scale meetings with Georgians and fundraising events. Unfortunately, Abrams cannot count on a unified Democratic Party’s support. As of now, no other Democratic contender has entered the race.

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Abrams can count on a unified Democratic Party behind her candidacy. No other credible Democratic contender has entered the race. Plus, her fundraising record and visibility allowed her to wait until December to announce; however, she will have time to raise funds. Now, the race begins for Stacey Abrams.

Check out Stacey Abram’s Campaign Video

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