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Take this mini refresher course on your lover’s hot spots

We know how it is: Hectic schedules, small children and flat-out exhaustion make it easy to go for the familiar when you do find time for intimacy with your sweetie. And while we’re all for a quickie (now and then), this week make sure you take the time to awaken these erogenous zones. (Just don’t blame us if the neighbors see smoke and call the fire department!)
Forehead. Have you been ignoring his forehead? Oh, for shame! The head and scalp are littered with nerve endings. A gentle, lingering kiss on the forehead and a light scalp massage trigger feel-good hormones and set the mood.
Ear Lobes. Your ear lobe skin is soft and sensitive, and it’s stimulated when he whispers “I like it when you ….” Bonus points if he gently sucks those lobes. Ladies, men really like it when you touch the spot where his ear lobe connects to his face.
Mouth. The mouth is surrounded by nerve endings. Why else do kisses feel so good? Plus, kissing provides tons of health benefits, including allergy and stress relief and a mini-workout.
Neck. This is one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies. Blame it on the thin skin in this area and cover the neck—front and back—with kisses and caresses.
Nipples. Like snowflakes, each nipple is different. So you may need to provide a little direction on the kind of touch—light blowing, tender nibbles, a vice grip—you like.
Tummy. For both men and women, the lower ab skin is highly sensitive. A touch here (or a temperature change; think ice cubes!) makes blood rush to the area. Don’t be surprised if begging ensues!
Inner Thighs. The nerve endings in your upper inner thighs are almost as numerous as the ones in your lady parts—and nearly as sensitive. Have him lightly run his hands up and down your leg. Then, as this is a hot spot for him as well, return the favor.
Back of the Knees. Some people are too ticklish to be touched here, but for others, a firm, circular stroke on the back of the knees sends desire through the stratosphere.
Feet. Grab the massage oil and start rubbing. Pay particular attention to the heels; in reflexology, they are pressure points that can trigger arousal. Really want to stoke the fire? Brush his feet against your mouth.

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