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Singer K. Michelle Gets Candid About Plastic Surgery

Singer K. Michelle gets candid about plastic surgery. K. Michelle has been in this industry for years. She’s written and performed some of our favorite hits – “Can’t Raise A Man,” “VSOP,” “Love ‘Em All,” and so many more. So, it was shocking to hear that she felt the only way she would succeed was with body enhancements.

The TV personality resorted to silicone-filled butt injections more than six years ago. “I had just got a new record deal, and I felt like the bigger the butt, the bigger the career,” she told ESSENCE. “I already had a big butt. It was just ridiculous.”

Unfortunately, she did not realize that the injections would nearly kill her. Initially, the star attempted to have the silicone removed but found out that it spread throughout her body and had harmful effects on her health. Sadly, it would take years and multiple surgeries before she would feel healthier. She admits that this is “probably the healthiest I’ve been in a while.”

K. Michelle Wants To Help Others

K. knew she wanted to help other women going through what she experienced. Therefore, she created a new series called “My Killer Body With K. Michelle,” which premiered on February 3rd. “There are several people who’ve gone through this who are just starting to feel the effects of it,” she explained. “You even have women who recently had this procedure and are feeling the effects right away.”

Plastic surgery continues to gain popularity, but the work often doesn’t come out the way a patient expects. Usually, we see the “happy endings” of someone’s plastic surgery and not the botched jobs from unprofessional surgeons. “You only see the beauty, and you only see the stories…after they have Photoshopped their body to death, on top of the surgery,” she says. “What I wanted to do was speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth about it.”

During the show, viewers witness K’s ongoing journey to be healthy and happy. There isn’t a way to entirely remove the silicone from her system; therefore, she pays attention to her body, how she treats it, and her diet.

Loving Herself

In addition, the actress admits to going back and forth with the idea of plastic surgery in the future. “I’m going through a difficult decision. My doctor feels like I probably need two more reconstructions, and that is for cosmetics, not health. So for me, I battle,” she says. “Some days, I’m like, ‘I’m never getting back on that table!’ But then I might put on something, and then a dent from my reconstruction is there, and I say, ‘I’m going to get this fixed.’ I’m human. I go back and forth.’”

Currently, K. loves how she looks and does feel pretty. “I feel hopeful, and I feel happy to be healthy and able to function. I think that brings another beauty within itself. I think I got a grown woman on me, and I think that is beautiful. So I’m in a good place with how I feel about myself.” However, many have speculated that she has had work done. She jokes that people “put surgeries” on her.

Do Your Research

Despite what people assume about her or the message of her show, she wants everyone to be aware of the risks of body enhancements. K. pleads that everyone does their research before making any plastic surgery decisions.

“I am for whatever you want to do with your body. It is a thing we must do called research, and even within research, we can still decide that we don’t expect the outcome. That is just surgery, and it’s something you just have to be mentally be prepared for and understand,” she says. “Know your medical history and what you’re going through. How does your body react to different things before going under the knife? It is really a self-study. It’s nothing quick that you should just up and do. Just like you research when you want to buy a car, you should definitely research what you’re going to do with your life and your body because you only get one.”

“My Killer Body with K. Michelle” airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 


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