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Antigua: A Long Weekend Guide

Antigua was never high on my list of places to go but when I saw a flight deal under $300 round trip I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. If you keep an eye out I have seen the American Airlines deal pop up a few times from cities in the North East USA. Anyway, since I booked the trip about 8 months in advance I only did a long weekend since I knew no matter where I was in work or life I would make a long weekend happen. Looking back on it, I wish I had taken at least one more day; Antigua was paradise.

Getting There
If you follow flight deals you know that there’s a good amount of repetition. Keep an eye on Skyscanner, Secret Flying  and The Flight Deal for Antigua. If you live in New York City, you should be able to find deals for around $278 round trip with weekend availability. I’ve seen similar deals from Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia, too! With Skyscanner or even Google Flights, you can track particular weekends if you already know when you’re trying to go. 

Where to Stay
Since I got a good deal on the flight, we decided to splurge on the Hotel. We stayed at Cocobay Resort in the Jolly Harbour area. I’m a sucker for hotels that focus on service which I suppose comes from having worked at a hotel for years. I have an even greater appreciation for hotel teams that pay attention to guests preferences and use the information to curate a personalized experience. Cocobay definitely does this and is truly one of the best properties I’ve stayed at worldwide.

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We spent a lot of time looking at hotels on the island and ultimately decided on this one because the reviews were great (consistent too), the hotel has a selection of amenities we liked and seemed like good value for the money especially for a short weekend. The hotel is right on the beach and has several pool options that allow you to look out onto the ocean. I’m usually not a fan of all inclusive options but it worked really well here. They had a great selection of options for each meal and were even willing to customize foods for me to accommodate my egg allergy. We chose a room with a private pool which was amazing to wake up to each morning but there were a variety of lower room types available as well, depending on your budget. If I had planned a week long trip I definitely would have explored other room types but for a weekend we splurged. Waking up to this view was incredible! The hotel was also super easy to get to, 30-40 minutes from the airport, and the taxi was about $30 each way.

What To Do 
Honestly, I was just focused on enjoying the sun!

Since I only had a long weekend, a boat tour was a must. I wanted to see different parts of the island with some snorkeling and good food. Wadadli cats was perfect. We did the circumnavigation tour which picked us up at the hotel via boat, went around the island with a few stops and lasted from around 9am to 3pm. The food on the boat was bomb and there were definitely multiple options.

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The team was also super responsive when I reached out to schedule the tour and shared my allergies. There was still time to Jetski and hit the pool at the hotel after a day on the boat. The waters got a little rough at one point, so if you do get seasick I’d recommend bringing whatever you usually use to overcome that.

Other Things to Do

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