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What Positions Are Best for Female Orgasm?

When it comes to reaching orgasm during sex, some women do and some women don’t. Marissa Nelson, a certified sex therapist, told Style Caster only 25 percent of women consistently orgasm during vaginal intercourse.

While this is totally normal, for you ladies who are trying to increase your number of vaginal Os, we thought this list of sex positions may help you out.

  1. On top. In the words of Ginuwine, “Ride it, my pony.” Nelson explains that in this position, you are able to control penetration. That means you decide the pace and the depth, which can ultimately help you reach bliss.
  2. Legs over shoulders. For our acrobatic girls, putting your legs on his shoulders reportedly puts you in prime orgasm position. Clinical sexologist Marlene Wasserman says the deep thrusting of this position facilitates climax.
  3. Doggy style. Nelson recommends letting your partner enter you from the back while you’re on the edge of a bed, couch, counter, table, ya know … anything. “You can grind your hips in a circular motion, have him hold you at the waist and thrust,” says Nelson.
  4. Reverse cowgirl. Turn that thing around! Face away from your guy and go to work. Nelson explains this position hits your G-spot and gives your beau great views, like Drake Toronto 6 views in the form of your ass.
  5. Modified missionary. This sex go-to doesn’t have to be boring at all. The experts recommend letting him straddle you while your legs are together. This position tightens the vagina so his penis can stimulate your clitoris.
Have Sex (and Lots of It) Now!

Are you beauties a fan of any of these, or did we miss something?

Happy (safe) sexing!

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