Carol's Daughter Partners Up With Mama Glow Foundation To Launch Grants For Doulas
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Carol’s Daughter Partners Up With Mama Glow Foundation To Launch Grants For Doulas

Carol’s Daughter partners up with Mama Glow Foundation to launch grants for doulas. The hair and skincare company announced its partnership with the Mama Glow Foundation to offer doula grants. Furthermore, the grants are part of their joint initiative “Love Delivered.”

Starting this week, Black families can apply for a grant and are matched with a doula trained by Mama Glow. In addition, the grant will also be available to pregnant women or recently postpartum applicants in the following cities to start: New York City, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Miami, and Atlanta.

The founder of Carol’s Daughter, Lisa Price, and the Mama Glow Foundation founder, Latham Thomas, launched their initiative this past April. The women made their announcement when they did a joint appearance on a popular radio station, The Breakfast Club. They pledged to commit over $225,000 to funding doula services and providing doula education grants for aspiring doulas. The purpose is to have a more positive impact on birth outcomes for Black families in need.

Carol’s Daughters Hope

Unfortunately, the mortality rate for pregnant Black and Indigenous mothers is three to four times higher than their white counterparts. As a result, more Black women are opting to use doulas. Some Doulas have noted an increase of Black mothers reaching out for their services.

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“I was blessed to have my husband and dear friend serve as my birthing advocates. They recognized my needs and spoke to me AND up for me in so many ways,” Price said. “My hope is that with this grant program, more Black birthing people are heard and supported, and most of all, lives are saved.”

The Mama Glow Foundation has been at the forefront of advancing birth equity. And with this partnership, both organizations hope to bring more awareness to our country’s Black maternal health crisis. Price and Thomas plan to use event activations, maternal health forums, webinars, and access to resources to engage up to 10,000 advocates. They want to raise awareness amongst 100,000,000 people by 2024.

“Birth is meant to be a joyful, transcendent, and empowering event,” Thomas said. “Everyone deserves to have access to safe, affordable, respectful, and dignified care throughout the perinatal continuum. Mama Glow doulas approach to care from a trauma-informed framework and can help to support families impacted by injustice and inequity, grounding them with tools for advocacy, healing, transformation, and empowerment.”

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