5 Tips to Detangle Your Transitioning Mane

Detangling can make even the most pious naturalista spew blue language, but for ladies in the thick of transitioning, trying to manage two textures of hair might make your head pop clean off! Here are five tips to help you safely wash and detangle your transitioning mane (while keeping your sanity).

Part your hair into four sections before you wash it. If your hair is especially thick or long, you may want to create six sections. Keeping your hair separated affords you more control during the washing process. It also helps keep knots and tangles to a minimum. Do not pile your hair on top of your head as you wash it; this creates more tangles.

Use a conditioner. This is a must. Deep condition your hair before you shampoo. Then saturate your hair with conditioner before you detangle it so the comb slides through easily. If you wash your hair first, protect it by applying a conditioner immediately after washing.

Make water your friend. Place the section you are detangling directly under running water as you comb through it. This can cut in half the amount of time you spend detangling each section. Once a section is tangle free, braid it loosely.

Invest in a wide-tooth comb. Combs with narrow teeth create more tangles than they eliminate. Work from the ends to the roots—not the other way around. If you come across a big tangle, use your fingers to work it loose.

Lupus & Natural Hair

Once your hair has been completely detangled, rinse the conditioner out thoroughly with warm water. Undo the braids, seal hair cuticles with a cold water rinse and style as usual.

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