Are Havana Twists the Perfect Summer Hairstyle?

Havana twists are a worry-free style for hot weather

Most women ask, “What’s the best hairstyle for the summer? It’s hot, and I want to go to the beach, I want to play in the pool with the kids. The last thing I need is to fuss with my hair. It’s too hot to flat-iron my hair. I don’t want to sit for six hours getting box braids, and then have the stress of staying up all night removing them.”
If you hear yourself asking these questions, Havana twists might be just the style you are looking for, says New York-based natural hair expert Lisa Bailey. A fun, no-fuss, stress-free hairstyle, Havana twists are done with natural synthetic hair, come in different sizes from small to extra large and can be washed. That means you can swim, play in the pool, or get your hair wet, and they will remain looking fabulous. When done professionally, Havana twists last six to eight weeks.
Your own hair will be tucked away beneath the twists, so be sure to moisturize your scalp at least twice a week with natural oils, scalp butter or balm. And use only a leave-in conditioner (while twists are still damp after you wash them) because regular conditioners may get trapped between the twists.
Other tips for washing your Havana twists:
Use a conditioning shampoo; lather and rinse twice.
To remove excess water, use a large towel to wrap your twists.
Blow dry your twists to get them completely dry. Or you can air dry them or sit under a hooded dryer.

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