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Putting the Brakes on Fast Food

Are we making healthier choices when we eat on the run?

We’re getting fewer calories from fast food, says a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey. From 2007-2010, adults got about 11 percent of their daily calorie intake from fast food, nearly a 13 percent drop from 2003-2006. Those who consumed the highest percentage of calories from fast food were adults aged 20 to 39.

Calorie intake was significantly higher in young blacks than young whites, according to a study author, but there were few differences between men and women. And among older Americans—those older than 60—the percentage of fast-food calories dipped to as low as 6 percent. The survey didn’t determine if the drop occurred because people cut back on how often they ate fast food or because folks are choosing healthier options from the fast-food menu.

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