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4 Foods That Fight Breast Cancer

A low-fat diet full of fruits and veggies can reduce cancer risk

Some forms of breast cancer are linked to high-fat diet. But a low-fat diet that includes at least five to seven servings each day of fruits and vegetables can promote breast health. Add these to grocery list to reduce your risk.

  1. Red cabbage contains chemicals called glucosinolates, which have the ability to block substances that can contribute to cell damage and tumor growth. Glucosinolates also help eliminate carcinogens from our bodies. Choose cabbage with reddest leaves and cook until the leaves are just crisp.
  2. A third of an ounce of fresh mushrooms each day could slash your breast cancer risk by up to two-thirds. Research has found that women who eat this small portion of fresh mushrooms every day are 64 percent less likely to develop malignant breast tumors. Studies show the linoleic acid in mushrooms slows production of estrogen, a factor in breast cancer.
  3. Broccoli is a breast cancer-fighting powerhouse. This cruciferous veggie contains isothiocyanates, cancer fighters that break down breast cancer cells.
  4. Salmon‘s omega-3 fatty acids have long been touted as providing protection against heart disease. That protection extends to breast cancer. But choose wild salmon over farmed; the farmed variety contains cancer-causing chemicals.
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