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An Active Sex Life Can Improve Your Health and Well-Being

This is just another reason to roll over when you get that shoulder tap.

Sex is good for a lot of things—strengthening your relationship, intimacy, fun and orgasms reproduction.

But did you know it’s actually good for your health? Scientific studies prove that certain chemicals released during the act can fight illnesses and combat physical ailments.

A study from Germany’s Munster University found that migraine sufferers saw their symptoms ease up after sex, thanks to oxytocin, which is a brain chemical that works as a natural “feel good” hormone. So you may want to say “yes” when you have a headache, versus turning sex down.

Another study, coming from a Scottish research center, demonstrated that men and women who reported they enjoyed sex looked physically younger than their actual age. Scientists give credit to estrogen, which is also released during sex, for helping women look younger by plumping skin and smoothing lines.

Sex is also proven to help your immune system. A Pennsylvania Wilkes University study discovered people who have sex once or twice a week have higher levels of antibodies. So maybe you can switch that vitamin C for that vitamin D.

Sex has also been linked to lowering blood pressure (from the University of Paisley) and helping to reduce your chances of incontinence.

To sum it up, sex is good—very good—and multipurpose.


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