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Can Laughter Heal You?

Throw back your head and LOL!

Having a rough day? Laugh. Some scientists think laughter just might help you feel better.
But does it have actual healing properties? The jury’s still out on that, says Robert R. Provine, author of Laughter: A Scientific Investigation. More research needs to be done to support the real health benefits of laughing.
Still, something that makes you feel so good can’t hurt, right? Some positive effects:
Some studies show humor can raise infection-fighting antibodies, boosting our body’s immune response.
A study of the effects of laughter on diabetics found that laughter lowered blood sugar levels.
A good chuckle fest can alleviate pain. Several studies found people in pain reported laughing helped dull their discomfort.
A handful of researchers believe laughter can be as effective as a mild workout. A 15-minute laugh session can burn about 50 calories.
So don’t wait for a prescription. Get your giggle on now.


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