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Checklist: 9 Things to Know Before Sex With a New Partner

Don’t get horizontal without answering these questions

Before sex with a new partner, get the answers to these questions. Experts suggest sharing your own history first to make this fact-finding mission seem less like an inquisition.

  1. What’s your HIV status?
  2. Have you ever had a sexual transmitted infection (STI)? Were you treated?
  3. How many partners have you had since you were last tested for HIV and other STIs?
  4. Have you been diagnosed with an STI in the past six months?
  5. If you have genital warts or herpes, are you having outbreaks? Are you being treated?
  6. Do you have any problem using a condom?
  7. Do you have a latex allergy?
  8. What kind of birth control are you currently using?
  9. What sexual activities do you prefer?
Blacks Make up More Than Half of New HIV Diagnoses

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