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How to Be Happy

Boost your happiness quotient with these six tips

What makes happy people happy? The answer to that most likely depends on your definition of happiness. Is it being fulfilled or spiritually connected? Does it mean being able to live a life of pleasure? No matter how you define this emotion, we offer a few tips for how to boost your happiness quotient:

  • Build a strong social network. We don’t mean Facebook and Pinterest, though staying connected with folks that way can be a good thing. A wide circle of strong friendships—cobbled together from long-term relationships and the people you meet while volunteering, taking a pasta cooking class or playing in the local adult soccer league—can support you during tough times and give your health a boost.
  • Surround yourself with happy people. Studies show happiness is contagious. When those around you are experiencing good fortune, their positive feelings often rub off on the people in their circles.
    Think like an optimist. Even when the glass isn’t half-full, happy people know how to maintain their joy. Savor the things you enjoy,find the positive in negative situations and try not to wallow in difficult times.
  • Simplify. Eliminate the clutter. Slow down. Appreciate the good in your life. Stop overscheduling your life. Stay in the moment.
  • Cultivate spirituality. A key component of happiness is a sense that life is worthwhile. Spirituality can be a way to find that purpose.
  • Get in a good workout. It turns out, there’s something to the endorphin high people get after they exercise. Studies show that keeping your body fit has measurable effects on your mind, too; people who exercise tend to suffer less from depression and anxiety.

Bonus tip: Push play on Pharrell’s “Happy.” You can’t hear that song and stay in a funky mood for long!


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