Sandra Lindsay Reflects One Year After Vaccination 
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Sandra Lindsay Reflects One Year After Vaccination 

The first person vaccinated in the U.S., Sandra Lindsay, reflects after one year. On December 14th, 2020, a nurse at Northwell Health in New York rolled up her sleeve and made a life-changing decision. Sandra Lindsay didn’t realize she was the first person in the country to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.

Lindsay signed up for the Pfizer shot like her other colleagues. “When I got there, I saw the cameras set up,” says Lindsay. Next, the thing the nurse knows, images and videos of her receiving the shot began circulating in media outlets everywhere.

Life After Vaccination

Shortly after receiving her vaccination, Lindsay received calls from her mother and friends back home in Jamaica. Everyone was excited to see her face on the news for such a momentous occasion. Since then, her life has been a whirlwind. In July, Lindsay served as the grand marshal of NYC’s Hometown Heroes Parade for front-line workers. Later, President Biden honored her at a White House ceremony for “becoming a shining example of exemplary civic service.”

Meanwhile, Lindsay is finishing up her doctorate in health sciences while working as a director of nursing for the critical care division at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. In addition, she used her platform to encourage people to get vaccinated. Furthermore, she’s learned the secret to changing minds, and it starts with what happens in the heart.

Collaborating with Trusted Community Leaders to Build Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Clinical Research

Sandra Lindsay’s Advice For Vaccination

Lindsay provides five steps to encourage friends and family to get vaccinated. They are simple yet effective.

  1. Lead with love – always lead with love, and don’t shame your loved one for not being vaccinated.
  2. Don’t badger them to get vaccinated – don’t badger your loved ones about not being vaccinated. Effectively address your concerns and see how you can help.
  3. Ask them to stand in your shoes – this strategy prompts reflection.
  4. Have a one-on-one – try a one-on-one because it can help your loved one from feeling attacked.
  5. Influence those around you – everyone has the power to influence just one person around them.

We are proud to see Sandra using her platform for good! Would you try some of these steps? Comment below! Also, watch this video interview with Sandra from one of our recent virtual health summits.



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