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Nurse Teaches How to Identify & Relieve Different Types of Headaches

Am I the only one who learns something new daily on social media? Specifically TikTok. Well, one nurse taught me how to identify and relieve different types of headaches. Nurse Tangela, CRNA, uses her TikTok page to teach patients and followers handy healthy tricks. For instance, how to correctly identify dehydration, Vitamin D-rich foods, etc. Therefore, I had to share this knowledge with everyone else.

Tangela discusses how to treat headaches located in different regions of the head. There are several types of headaches. And the ones Tangela talks about are:

  • Forehead
  • Back of the head
  • Top of the head
  • Front of your head (Sinus Headache)
  • Tight band (Tension Headache)
  • Pain around the eye (Cluster Headache)

Let’s check out the ways to relieve these headaches below!

Nurse Tangela’s Advice for Different Types of Headaches


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♬ original sound – Nurse Tangela CRNA

Do any of these headaches sound familiar? Nurse Tangela’s advice is perfect if you don’t want to take medication to relieve your headache. Sometimes all it takes is sleep, food, or reduced screentime to relieve your headache. Most headaches go away with simple treatments – OTC medicines, etc. Always consult your doctor if your headache lasts longer than 48 hours or intensifies.

What is one lesson that you learned from social media and used regularly? Comment below!


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