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Sleep Well on a Plane

Tips to get the best nap possible while flying

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination cranky and with a crook in your neck after a long flight. But you can sleep well on a plane—even if you didn’t get that first-class upgrade.
Wear comfortable clothes. Avoid anything too tight and dress in layers so you can adjust to the temperature on the plane.
Choose your seat wisely. Steer clear of the bathroom so you aren’t jostled by the line of passengers or assaulted by odors. Try to sit in front of the engines for a quieter flight.
Invest in a good eye mask. Trick your body into thinking it’s nighttime so you sleep better.
Bring your own blanket. Some airlines charge, and many don’t launder blankets between flights. Can you spell g-e-r-m-s?
Get a window seat. You can prop your pillow or blanket against the wall for more support. And your seatmates won’t have to climb over you during potty breaks.


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