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Thomas Mulzac Mobilizes Soul Food Dish Flavors Through His MealZac Seasonings

We always talk about getting or staying healthy. And the best way to do that is by controlling what we put in our bodies. Am I the only one who tried a new, healthy recipe and felt it was missing something? I love soul food, but it is one cuisine that needs salt and butter. However, it is impossible to keep a recipe healthy and cook it the way we are used to.

One cook has figured out the magic that soul food needs and even bottled it up. Thomas Mulzac created MealZac Seasonings to mobilize soul food flavor. “During my freshman year of college, I surrendered to my long-standing allure to food. I turned my childhood dream into something tangible while also making respect for our planet and our bodies my top priority.” And it was no surprise to learn that his biggest inspiration in the kitchen was his late grandmother. The way she cooked and fed the souls (metaphorically) around her made Mulzac want to do the same. Now, you can find his soulful recipes on his Instagram page – @MealZac.

The Love for Soul Food Influenced MealZac Seasonings

One dish a follower could appreciate is his baked chicken recipe, which paid homage to his late grandmother. It was a heartwarming video showcasing her grandmother’s beginnings and cooking journey. Anyone can appreciate the love behind his meals and his will to show that anyone can live a long, healthy life while still enjoying soul food.

In November of 2021, I lost my dearest culinary inspiration. Everyday that I I follow this path, I become closer to the person I want to be, and make the impact I want to have on this Earth. My grandmother never had to dream about having a cooking show or being the best chef out there. Each day was a chance for her to embody the the life and passion of a chef leaving little to be dreamed about. Her work uplifted, supported and nourished those around her, much like her words. I chose to have that same approach toward my work @mealzac and it feels amazing to know that I am LIVING MY DREAM. Thank you Grandma and all the amazing women, chefs and people that worked hard so to elucidate the world of cooking for African Americans. I owe my vision and clearer outlook on the future, to you. 💚❤️ #thiswashardtodo

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Grandma Bea lives through MealZac Seasonings💚 I wish I could find our last cooking video together 😫 MEALZAC.COM to try our delicious seasoning ! #fyp #foryoupage #blackhistorymonth #tuskegeeuniversity #tuskegeeairmen 👀#mulzac #bakedchicken #seasonings #whenwomenwin

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After thoroughly cleaning his chicken, Mulzac uses his MealZac chicken blend, organic adobo, organic sazon, and garlicky seasonings. Later, he adds a neutral oil and honey before baking to juicy goodness. You can check out this recipe and more on his website.


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