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10 Fruit-Infused Waters For Glowing Skin

Hydration is key! Especially during the summer months since our bodies will sweat. And fruit-infused waters make it easy to remember to drink our eight glasses a day. Outside of the health benefits, fruit-infused water also provides beauty benefits. Various fruits provide endless benefits for our health and skin. And trust me, as the temperature heats up and we go out more, we will want our skin to glow naturally. Listed below are our top ten fruit-infused waters that taste great and give us a radiant, natural glow.

Top 10 Fruit-Infused Waters

These fruit-infused water recipes are super easy to make. Just get your large glass of H2O and add your fruit. Or for a fancier effect, you can freeze the fruit slices in ice cubes to add to your water.

  1. Strawberry Mint
  2. Orange & basil
  3. Honeydew, cantaloupe, & melon
  4. Chia Seeds (Bubble Water)
  5. Blackberry mint
  6. Orange, lime, lemon, & mint
  7. Cucumber & lime
  8. Watermelon & rosemary
  9. Kiwi & blackberry
  10. Mango Basil

Benefits of Fruit-Infused Waters

These infused waters make our water pretty and very picture-worthy. However, once you’re done uploading your photo of infused water to your social media or group chat, you will appreciate all its benefits. We spoke about hydration, but how does adding extra elements to the water keep us hydrated? Our bodies need minerals known as electrolytes to absorb, retain, and deliver fluids efficiently to our cells. Some major electrolytes include calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Therefore, citrus fruit or cucumbers are naturally rich in electrolytes.

The next benefit ties into the importance of hydration. When you are dehydrated it shows – poor complexion, dry lips, etc. However, once you boost your intake with the fruit infusions, it will improve general blood circulation and detoxification. The last benefit of fruit-infused water is it promotes weight loss. Think of these waters as natural juice instead of the processed, sugary juice we purchase in the stores. Our infused water will carry significantly fewer calories. In addition, studies show that drinking water before a meal reduced calorie consumption by 13%.

After all of these benefits, how could you not try one of these fruit-infused water recipes? I am a huge fan of watermelon and mint, or orange and basil. Which infused water are you going to try? Comment below!


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